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propane council

Our partners at PERC also have propane safety scenarios covering a variety of important topics.


Are your Employees Ready to Answer
Customer Calls about Gas Leaks?

Your customer service representatives should take any customer complaints about gas odors seriously. The odors could indicate a propane leak. By applying company policies and procedures when those calls come in, your employees can help protect your customers, your employees, and the public from the hazards caused by escaping gas.

Do Your Drivers Understand Gauges?
Can your bobtail drivers read the gauges that tell them the level of liquid in a container as they fill it? They can if they have the right training.

Leak Checks: Using a High Pressure Gauge
Leak checks determine if the propane piping system is suitable for service and must be performed on the vapor distribution piping system immediately after turning on the gas in a new gas system or a system that has been restored after an interruption of service.





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