Since 1997, the Oklahoma LP Gas Research, Marketing and Safety Commission has given Oklahomans rebates totalling:

Regulators     $2,000,000
Water Heaters <$4,000,000


About the Commission

Marketing Activities

The Commission has a variety of educational/marketing programs designed to inform and educate the public about propane. Since its inception, the Commission has marketed propane as sponsors of University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University football and basketball. The Commission has also marketed propane through the Oklahoma News Network and the Oklahoma AGRINET. The Commission supplements its radio marketing program with periodic use of Oklahoma's daily and weekly newspapers. Since 1997, thousands have seen and heard propane's positive message.

Oklahoma Propane Consumer Guide
The Commission also provides a variety of marketing tools to assist the industry. Since its inception, the Commission has provided free of charge over 400,000 pamphlets, booklets and brochures designed to educate and inform the users of propane. The Oklahoma Propane Consumer Guide provides information ranging from the characteristics of propane, to pricing, to selecting a propane supplier. This is an excellent guide to the safe use of propane and is available free of charge through the Commission or through local propane marketers. Click to read the Guide.

Marketing Rebates

Water Heater Rebate
Nothing gets the attention of a wise shopper better than something for nothing. That's almost the way the Commission's rebate programs work. Just by making the wise decision to use propane, you can qualify for sizeable rebates. For example, the Commission offers $100.00 rebate on the purchase of a propane water heater. That certainly takes some of the sting out of a new or replacement unit. Since 1997, the Commission has issued nearly 20,000 water heater rebates totaling more than $4,000,000.

Media Rebate
If you're a propane marketer, you're bound to be interested in the Commission's media rebate program. For pre-approved advertising, the Commission will rebate up to 50% of the cost of the ad. Click for details.

Safety Activities

One of the Commission's main charges and probably the principal reason this Commission was approved by the Oklahoma Legislature is to coordinate safety activities. The Commission's safety programs range from training and education for propane marketers and employees to materials that encourage the safe use of propane.

Important Propane Safety Information For You and Your Family
The latest propane safety advisory comes in the form of a brochure produced by the Propane Education and Research Council and made available at no cost by the LP Gas Research, Marketing and Safety Commission. The 8-panel brochure folds to fit inside a #10 envelope and includes important safety information including a scratch and sniff feature designed to familiarize customers with the smell of propane. Customers and marketers can order copies of the brochure by contacting the LP Gas Commission or by using the order form available on this website.

Running Out-of-Gas Safety
Another safety program features the Commission's "Don't Get Caught Out of Gas" brochures. This brochure explains how to read your propane tank gauge and encourages customers not to run out of gas. Since 1997, the Commission has distributed, through propane marketers, more than 400,000 out-of-gas brochures free of charge.


The rules regarding requirements for OPDs have changed. Click for more information.


Overfilling Prevention Device
OPD, It's the Law, explains the new safety device required by Oklahoma statutes. As of January 1, 2003, all propane cylinders 4 lbs. to 40 lbs. must be equipped with an OPD. This brochure explains the way an OPD works and why it is now a requirement. It is available either through the Commission or through a local propane marketer. Thus far, 200,000 have been provided free of charge.

Form 4 Safety Check
The Commission also provides the Form 4 Safety Check in triplicate at no charge to propane marketers. These forms make safety checks that much easier. As each of the triplicate pages indicates, its either the LP Gas Administration's copy, the dealer copy, or the customer copy. The customer copy also features a safety/duty-to-warn notice. Thus far, more than 1 million have been provided to propane dealers free of charge.

Management Safety Seminars
The Commission is also active in the training and education of propane marketers and their employees. We now offer online training so marketers can here.

Safety Rebates

Regulator Rebates
The Commission provides $50 to help replace any out-of-date or faulty regulator. Although propane accidents are rare, faulty regulators are often the cause. Since 1997, the Commission has provided nearly 40,000 regulator rebates equaling almost $2 Million.




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