Nothing gets the attention of a wise shopper better than something for nothing. That's almost the way the Commission's rebate programs work. Just by making the wise decision to use propane, you can qualify for sizeable rebates. For example, Commission offers $100.00 rebate on the purchase of a propane water heater. (New manufactured homes are not eligible.) That certainly takes some of the sting out of a new or replacement unit. Since 1997, the Commission has issued more than 20,000 water heater rebates worth more than $2 million.


Consumer Rebates Dealer Rebates
Consumers who purchase certain propane products may be eligible for rebates from the Commission. Your propane dealer should know what rebates are available to you, and should also have the necessary forms. You can get the applications from your dealer or from this Commission. But be sure to ask! It's money in the bank!

Propane Regulator

  • $50 Rebate

Propane Water Heater

  • $100 Rebate

Media Rebates

If you're a propane marketer, you're bound to be interested in the Commission's media rebate program. For pre-approved advertising, the Commission will rebate up to 50% of the cost of the ad. Click for details.





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