Your customer may not realize propane is very similar to the natural gas used more commonly in homes throughout the U.S. Homes fueled by natural gas and propane use similar equipment, and the chances of a fire caused by either type of fuel are statistically much lower than one caused by electrical equipment.

While it’s unlikely homeowners would ever encounter a problem, safety experts recommend customers consider installing both gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as a preventive measure. Installing these systems — which are often required by local code — can reduce the likelihood of an incident even further.

If your customer does suspect a leak, they should immediately follow these safety steps.

It’s also worth noting that in the unlikely event of a leak, propane is released in the form of a vapor, so it won’t cause a spill or contaminate soil. Fuel oil spills, on the other hand, can cause contamination of ground soil and require extremely costly emergency cleanup.